COMPILATION: de Blasio SLAMMED for saying Anti-Semitism comes from the ‘right-wing movement’


JTA reports New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, said he sees threats of anti-Semitism as coming from the right wing.

At a news conference Tuesday in Brooklyn about the rise of hate crimes in the city, de Blasio was asked about a supposed rise in anti-Semitism on the left.

“I think the ideological movement that is anti-Semitic is the right-wing movement,” 

Councilman Deutsch lashed out saying ‘Hate knows no political party – it comes from both sides of the aisle. On a national level, we see neo-Nazis on the far right & hateful, anti-Israel sentiments on the far (& not so far) left.’

Well known askan, Chaskel Bennett, took to twitter to showed some Left-Wing morons in Time Square screaming against Israel and jews.


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