CHIZUK: Poem from Yehuda Gasner’s A”H hospital bed


Sitting here
In my chemo chair
Dealing with
My constant fear.
Are they gone
Are they here
Am I  for naught
Losing my hair.
Will they grow
Are they shrinking
Or in the best case

All my aches
Are they related
Do they mean
My tumor’s inflated.
Can I ignore
Push them away
Or will that make
My cancer stay.

I have trouble
Climbing the stairs
My legs, my mouth,
Need repairs.
I feel like a man
In his old age
Like someone trapped
In a cage.

Now I watch the drip
Of the myriad bags
“Toxic drugs”
Cry their tags
They kill all cells
Both bad and good
To be selective
If only they could.

But until Hashem
Shows the way
To develop drugs
That know how to play
I will have to bear
Their side effects

Nausea, weakness,
And others appear.

Its in this state
That my mind wanders
A better time
My heart ponders.
The day that will herald
Moshiach’s appearance
When cancer will make
The ultimate disappearance.

Better than chemo
Stronger than radiation
When the Geulah arrives
With ecstatic elation.
Hashem will erase
All illness and strife
We will together embark
On a new life.

-But this is not why
We cry ad we fast
For that glorious day
To arrive at last.
It is for a much more
Elevated reason
When servitude of G-d will
Replace historic treason.

There will be a hunger
There will be a thirst
Not for water but first
To learn and to live
To share and to give
Overlook insult
Smile and forgive.

Moshe Rabeinnu
Will once again
Teach the Torah
To all the men.
There will be light
But not from the sun
It will be from Torah learning
Of everyone.

Just imagine
Picture in your mind
Aharon Hakohen
Compasssionate and kind.
He will resume the Avodah
Bringing Korbanos
Awarding Kaparah
To our Neshamos.

The world will be pure
Faith will be sure
Never again will we doubt
Emunah anymore.
U’Malah Ha’Aretz Deah
Earth will  be covered
The Gemarah, Mishnayos
Torah in its entirety

But it feels good
To keep  in mind
That for all the yissurim
Hashem will respond in kind.
The harder it gets
The closer we bring
The ultimate Geulah
With our suffering.

Just like in mitzrayim
Hashem doubled the load
Shortening their servitude
So we are told.
When we accept pain
Suffering for gain
We shorten the servitude
And hasten Moshiach’s reign.

So I will try
To hold on tight
To keep strong and not lose sight.
The end is coming
It will be here
And what I’m going through
Is bringing it near.

Yehuda Gasner was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. He went through months of excruciatingly painful treatments of all types, but cancer continued to spread. He was just niftar at only 25 years old, leaving behind a young wife and two children.

Due to Yehuda’s illness as a child, he was unable to obtain life insurance. A fund has been set up to help his family.

Click HERE to donate
Checks can be made out to: Zichron Yehuda 475 Oberlin Avenue South
Lakewood, NJ 08701
24 hour phone line: 732.707.9455

There will be multiple parlor meetings this week. Tonight’s will be at:

  • 1469 N. Lake Drive – 7:30 PM



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