Chabad Shluchim in Kenya beaten and robbed by gang, left the Kids unharmed


Chabad shluchim serving in Nairobi were attacked and beaten during a violent robbery overnight.

Rabbi Shmuel Notik and his wife, Chaya, were beaten and tied up at the Chabad House in Nairobi by a group of five robbers.

Rabbi Notik, who is Israeli, moved to Kenya with his family in 2014, was lightly wounded in the attack, while his wife was hit in the head by the robbers during the ordeal and required surgery following the attack. She was listed in moderate condition.

The gang skipped the kids room.

There were two Bochurim sleeping there as well who were tied up and gagged. It seems the Family ended somehow escaping to a bathroom which they waited in, until police came.

Thousands of dollars of jewelry, computers, and valuables were stolen along with the couples passports.

Local police suspect that the Chabad facility’s own security personnel cooperated with the robbers.


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