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Parshas Mishpatim – What does the עקידה have to do with מתן תורה?‎

At the end of this week’s פרשה we have a narrative of Moshe ascending הר סיני, and what is interesting is that when you read these Pesukim describing what happened before he went up the...

Parshas Yisro – Moshe’s mistake

By Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld At the beginning of this week’s פרשה, יתרו lays out the perfect delegation plan to Moshe for the newly formed Jewish judicial system. It’s interesting that there is...

Parshas Beshalach – The true purpose of Hashem’s laws

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld We have been born as a nation in last weeks פרשה, and our journey begins in this week’s פרשה. It’s interesting to read Moshe’s first instruction to...

“Stop Praying, and Go!!’ Parshas Beshalach


Ask The Rabbi: Can we daven for Kobe Bryant – Rabbi Mintz


Watch: R’ Elya Brudny On Watching The Super Bowl At Friends VS At Home

R' Elya Brudny was asked at the Agudah Convention in 2016 - about a child who will watch the super bowl. Is it better to watch in someone...

Parshas Va’eira – We are perfectly imperfect

Bt Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld In this week’s Parsha, we hear in the פרשה the last time Moshe would say אני ערל שפתים, I have “covered” lips. Moshe had a speech impediment/lack of...

MUST WATCH: Harav Elya Brudny On Going to the Super Bowl

Harav Brudny spoke this past Sunday in Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyamin in Flatbush addressing Anti-semitism. A few minutes before the end, Harav Brudny discussed the Superbowl - after...

Parshas Vayechi – Yaakov’s definition of a firstborn

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld Yakov has settled in Egypt to enjoy the end of his life with his family, and he is now getting older. He calls for Yosef...

WATCH: Rabbi Yoel Gold, a grizzly bear & Inspiration