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Israel: Total Cases Rise to 13,491 | Death Toll Now at 172

13,491 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed so far in Israel. This includes 3,754 people who have already recovered.

PURIM NEWS: BREAKING – BMG Paves parking lots, mechanics sue

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GreaterLakewood launches LIVE news channel

The newest name to the scene and the most reliable already, GreaterLakewood is proud to announce it will be launching a TV...

WATCH: ISIS declares war on the Taliban, many heads rolling

Veirosh News reports: The Taliban was attacked Sunday night by a group of ISIS fighters. They claimed they were told in...

SHOWDOWN: Trump deports Obama after D.C. Brawl

In 2011 Trump said in regards to Obama's birthplace, "His grandmother in Kenya said, 'Oh no, he was born in Kenya and...