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PURIM NEWS: BREAKING – BMG Paves parking lots, mechanics sue

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BOLD PREDICTION: Mayer Lichtenstein Will Win in 2040

The GreaterLakewood poll center reports, it is safe to predict Mayer Lichtenstein will win again in the year 2040.

Lakewood Clothing Stores Stocked With FW/2030, Selling out fast

Always a step ahead, Lakewood clothing stores have already received their inventory for the Fall/Winter season of year 2030.

Print: Oorah’s Purim coloring poster

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BREAKING: Rechnitz’s to open THE MIR on Jackson/Lakewood border

Yeshiva Mir Yerushalayim is currently the largest Yeshiva in the world. It has over 8,500 students which comprise of married and single...

Opinion: Kudos to our township officials for their civility!

We take for granted how amazing and calm our local township officials are. We may agree or disagree, but we all share...

Breaking: Rise up founder slips & calls… Hatzolah

The biggest Anti-Semite in ocean county fell down a flight of steps after his illegal pet tiger jumped on him. Sources revealed,...

Lakewood Yeshivas Offer Discounts After Toms River Takes Over

After Toms River's 12 New Yeshivas opened, Lakewood mosdos are struggling to survive. Classrooms have empty desks, snacks are...

Toyota Camry LE now spells out ‘Lakewood Edition’

Toyota CEO Achash Veirosh, announced this morning, they are removing LE from 2019 camry's and will update it with the full name...