Budget Airline WOW Air Abruptly Shuts Down, Cancels All Flights


Iceland-based budget airline WOW Air abruptly ceased all operations overnight, canceled all flights and advised booked passengers to seek seats on other airlines, according to an announcement posted on the company’s website Thursday morning.

“Some airlines may offer flights at a reduced rate, so-called rescue fares, in light of the circumstances. Information on those airlines will be published, when it becomes available,” the airline said in its closure announcement.

Those without travel insurance may be able to seek reimbursement, though the announcement on WOW Air’s page included the possibility of a bankruptcy filing.

“Passengers may also be entitled to compensation from WOW AIR, including in accordance with European regulation on Air Passenger Rights,” the announcement said. “In case of a bankruptcy, claims should be filed to the administrator / liquidator.”


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