Breaking: ‘Hasidic Jew’ added to NYC housing applications


NYC housing applications added ‘Hasidic Jew’ as an ‘ethinicity’. The local frum politicians are furiously tweeting about it.

There are times where the federal government uses ‘Hasidic Jews’ as a group or minority but not as an ethnic group.

In 1995 A chassidishe guy won a lawsuit to be eligible for an SBE business program. As AP reported at the time:

“A Hasidic Jew has won a four-year fight to be accepted in a federal set-aside program for small businesses that is usually reserved for blacks, Hispanics and other “socially disadvantaged″ minorities.

The case could open the program’s door wider to other whites if they can prove that their beliefs, appearance or social standing produce a disadvantaged status, according to some legal observers.

These experts say the out-of-court settlement is an apparent Clinton administration reaction to a Supreme Court ruling that severely limited affirmative action programs that appear to be based solely on race.”


  1. screaming about nothing, the same way someone is white, asian, jewish abd since most are hassidic and they dont really know the differences and nuances…politicians stop whining


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