UPDATED – Boruch Dayan Ha’emes: Skulener Rebbe Is Niftar, Levaya Tuesday 11AM


The Levaya will be held on Tuesday morning at 11:00AM at the Skulen Bais medrash on 13th Avenue and 54th Street, the Kevura will be in Monsey at the Vishnitzer Bais Hakvaros. The Rebbe zt”l will be buried next to his father.

Tens of thousands are expected to attend the Levaya.

Here is the latest on the levaya updates

  •     The New York City Police Department, in conjunction with Misaskim and various City and State agencies, have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of all people coming to pay kavod ha’achron to Kvod Kedushas Admor Skulen’er zatzal. Please make sure to follow all safety instructions!
  •      Street closures will be as follows: from 52nd Street to 61st Street, and from 12th Avenue to 16th Avenue, starting at 9:30 AM sharp!
  •      If you are parked on 54th Street between 13th Avenue and 14th Avenue, or on 14th Avenue from 52nd Street to 60th Street, please move your cars immediately, or they will be towed by the NYPD starting at 9:00 PM tonight!
  •     For safety reasons, as per the NYPD, the front of the shul will be a complete frozen zone for the duration of the levaya.
  •     The levaya is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM.  As of now, there are only two scheduled maspidim!
  •     After the hespeidim, the route of the aron will be, down 54th Street to 14th Avenue, making a right turn on 14th Avenue towards 58th Street.
  •    Transportation to Boro Park.  Mass transit will be working. Whoever can, please take the D train, get off at the 55th Street station, walk down 55th Street to 14th Avenue.  If you are coming by car, please note you will need to find a parking space outside of the frozen zone. If you are coming by private bus, the buses will go on 60th Street, turn onto 15th Avenue, you will be dropped off to walk to the levaya.  After that, the buses will be parked alongside the cemetery on 20th Avenue, 21st Avenue, and Bay Parkway.
  •    Kevura will take place in Viznitz Bais Hachaim in Monsey.
  •    There will be buses from Boro Park to Monsey, after the levaya. The buses will be lined up on New Utrecht Avenue, from 60th Street to 56thStreet.
  •    All buses heading to Monsey should take Route 59 until Route 306, turn onto Route 306 until Kearsing Parkway, make a right onto Kearsing Parkway. All buses will unload at the corner of Kearsing Parkway and Jill Lane. From there, all people will walk on Jill Lane until Blueberry Hill Road, make a right onto Blueberry Hill Road, where the Monsey levaya will take place.
  •  After the Monsey levaya and kevura, all buses will be lined up on the corner of Parker Boulevard and Route 306.
  •  Please be advised, the entire Blueberry Hill neighborhood will be on complete lock-down. No vehicles will be allowed entry or exit. If you have a car parked anywhere in the frozen zone, it will be towed by the Ramapo and/or Spring Valley Police Departments.
  •  All private vehicles coming to Monsey for the levaya, should park their vehicles at the Rockland Boulder Stadium, located at 1 Palisades Credit Union Park Drive, in Pomona, NY. There will be buses from Rockland Boulder Stadium to the levaya, at 10-minute intervals. After the kevura, buses will be at Parker corner 306 to return people to Rockland Boulder Stadium.
  •   Vehicles coming to Monsey should take the Palisades Interstate Parkway to Exit 12, at the end of the ramp make a left onto Concklin Road, continue until Route 45 at the light, make a left onto Route 45, and a right onto Pomona Road, and the stadium will be on the right side.
  •   If you are bringing children, please make sure to keep them close, as a large crowd is expected.  Please make sure all children know your cell phone number, so you can be called in case they chas v’sholom get separated from you.
  •   If you have elderly people at home being cared for by an aide, and/or babies and children being cared for by babysitters, please make sure their shift changes are planned accordingly.

The Rebbe was born in 1923 in Sculeni, Moldova. His father was Rabbi Eliezer Zusia Portugal of Skulen (1898-1982) author of Noam Eliezer, who founded the skulener chassidus.

The Rebbe came to the United States as an immigrant together with his father in 1960 after having survived the Nazi death camps in World War II. The two, imprisoned by Romanian authorities in 1959 for teaching Torah, were freed through the intervention of United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and U.S. Senator Robert “Scoop” Jackson.

The Rebbe also headed the Chesed L’Avraham organization that was founded by his father, the previous Rebbe, and which houses, clothes and feeds hundreds of children each year.

The Rebbe was also known for the thousands of niggunim he composed; the Rebbe carried a tape recorder with him at times in order to be able to capture the melodies as they came to him. Many of these songs were sung at tish but not officially recorded.


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