5 PM LEVAYA – Boruch Dayan Emes: Sruli Gellman Z”L


It is with great sadness we report the Petirah of Yisroel Gellman who was struck by a car while biking in Howell.

Sruly was immediately rushed to Jersey Shore hospital in critical condition and underwent brain surgery.

His condition deteriorated and he was niftar this afternoon.

The Levaya will take place at 5:00PM at Ateres Yeshaya 
908 East County Line Rd 
Lakewood NJ 08701
The Kevura will be in Lakewood
Shiva will take place at 
the Gelman home
12 Sienna Way, Lakewood NJ

Boruch Dayan Ha’emes.


  1. BSD
    Raboisai! Will we emulate amalek with “Asher korcha baderech”? Or GET the TOO many wake up calls?!?!?!

    As if all the escalating & mushrooming tzaros over the decades were not enough – this was one horrendous year in which way too many “smart” Jews fell for the measles hoax & for the call to express despicable Sinas Chinam to those who wisely reject filthy vaccines. Whether that was expelling families from shuls, yeshivas, camps, or family simchas – the claim that nonvaxd people are dangers, rodfim, or rotzchim is scientifically impossible.

    The Chazon Ish has a strong warning in his sefer Emunah uBitachon – for those who misidentify who is the true rodef & who is the nirdaf…so just claiming so because an ignorant authority figure says so is NOT enough. This is especially so because we do NOT live in the dark ages.

    Unless there are serious moves to real teshuva on this matter – Divine protection from “accidents, etc., r”l” that ONLY comes from achdus is CLEARLY “immunosuppressed”. If anyone really desires Hashm’s Rachamim vs din – you can be mezakeh the rabbim by sharing the truth about the vaccine hoax & encouraging all influencers in the community to humble themselves to the truth.

    By the way – the vaccine promoters have officially formulated their stance on vaccines vs. G-d at their Global Vaccine Summit in Brussels on September 12. Check out the WHO website to see the proclamation:

    “In VACCINES we trust!” There it is chevra – in your face – they replaced “in G-d we trust” with a replacement god (also recognized as idol worship or avodah zarah).

    The pediatricians & “orthodox Jewish nurses” are now OFFICIALLY vaccination priests, like it or not.

    Teshuva is certainly hard – but WORTH it….let’s all heal together & do a vax avodah zarah DETOX for all – so we can enjoy the geulah process:)

  2. immmunosupresed; you are totaly shikur but will never know. your children are tikonos shenishbu . one can find proof for every krumkeit in torah . aseh lechoh rav

  3. people should stop giving mussar
    we don’t have neviem in our days. no one can speak for hashem unless your a gadol byisroel. so Please think before you speak. and stop this business of commenting on everything that happens. only hashem knows the reasons why these things happen


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