BLACKMAIL: Ira Zlotowitz asks YOUR advice


“Craziest story! If your worker did this, what would you do? I have seen a lot as a boss. I was raised to never judge a person until you go into their shoes. In this case I don’t even understand it from the person’s view why they did what they did. Would love your opinion and comments” Ira posted.



  1. I am shocked at your response.
    Clearly there is more going on – as he says he ‘sees the writing on the wall’ obviously that this APPEARS to you this is out of nowhere, it is out of somewhere.
    You focus on a lawyer and if he would blackmail etc – focus on HINM. he is clearly HURTING.
    Help him. Ask him “Buddy let’s go out for dinner” clearly some misunderstanding etc etc….

    You jump into being worried about blackmail – which brings me to part 2.
    Why are you so concerned about blackmail? You’re a Mega-Millionaire worried about some guy who’s NEW threatening to destroy your business which was featured in just about every business magazine!

    Compare it to a kid coming home from school saying he wants to beat his teacher. You focus on ‘its illegal to beat someone; or ‘the school will kick you out’ – without focusing on what happened? Why is the kid hurting….

  2. @SAD why are you attacking him?! Mb that’s exactly what his response was.
    He clearly did not tell us what his response was and wants to hear how others would respond.

  3. Why should this be aired in public? Companies deal with hiring, firing all the time. It is kept in house and HR decides what to do.
    I am sure Ira Zlotowitz and Eastern Union, the successful company that he runs, has plenty of wise people to ask and decide with his board of members.
    Even if he never dealt with something like this before, companies figure new things out all the time.

  4. Like a wise women in my life always said, “wait to worry”. Keep it quiet and see what happens…daven and if all is going well….then you do not have to worry about firing him. yes and what other people have said he may have heard a rumor or something and may just want to save his own back as sounds as though he really truly needs the parnassah right now. Hashem has put you in a position to be caring and understanding and help people out!! I say, do just that! (im sure he is harmless based on what youve said about him so I wouldnt worry much about some little guy just be nice!!) Hatzlocha!

  5. To all those commenting above –

    This video was posted linkedin. Linkedin is a business site where Ira constantly posts videos about the goings on in his business. This was just another video.

    He asked for opinions in order to generate engagement on his post, just like he does on all of his videos/posts.

  6. Ira
    If he came to you with a threat, obviously he misunderstood your proposal to pick one or the other. He understood it as I don’t think you’re as good as you think you are. Maybe it would be better if you had less responsibilities.
    Regardless of the miscommunication, now he crossed a line. An employee which threatens an employer is a danger to the employer and the company.
    I would by him out (cost of doing business) and let him go.
    In the future any discussions with employees of this gravity should have a third party present. To mediate and ensure the message is clear.

  7. Anybody that threatens blackmail must be exposed.
    Many people try to blackmail others. What stops them is having their name posted. What makes most companies behave professionally is the fear they will be exposed. Don’t allow this guy to blackmail you.

  8. Hire a “licenced professional mediater.
    I’m sure there is a misunderstanding somewhere and it could all be ironed out.but don’t be surprised if in the future you will have copy cats doing the same shtick.


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