JOE’S GOTTA GO: Biden says he never meant to make women feel uncomfortable


 Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday defended his interactions with women, saying he doesn’t believe he’s ever acted inappropriately. But a Nevada politician’s assertion that Biden’s kiss on the back of her head made her feel uncomfortable prompted some Democrats to question whether the 76-year-old is too out of step with his own party to run a successful 2020 presidential campaign.

The episode, recounted by Democrat Lucy Flores , highlighted an aspect of Biden’s persona that has been publicly known for years: the affectionate whispers, hugs and shoulder squeezes he has long doled out to women, often on camera and at high-profile public events. In a moment of national reckoning over harassment and the treatment of women by powerful men, some Democrats said Biden’s actions have taken on a new light.

Joe Biden has teased a presidential bid, once slipped up and almost announced it, but now some rivals are already calling him to step aside.

President Trump has accused all Democrats who back Biden of double standards. The Democrats were all against Bret Kavanaugh for a one time story from dozens of years ago, but Mr Biden has multiple instances from as recent as this year.


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