Ben Shapiro SLAMS the worlds response to the Gaza attacks


“Israel is being attacked by terrorists firing hundreds of rockets at civilian areas. The terrorists care so little about their own citizens that their rockets hit their own people. Israel is retaliating by specifically targeting terrorists. Yet the world draws moral equivalence.”

“If you consider it morally abhorrent for a white supremacist terrorist to target Jews for death, you should consider Hamas and Islamic Jihad the same way. Yet many do not, which certainly speaks to their lack of seriousness about Jew-hatred.”

“By and large, the Jeremy Corbyn Left, the New York Times editorial board, the sophisticates at western universities treat Jew-hatred differently based on the source of the Jew-hatred. Which means Jewish blood is a political tool for them, not a problem.”

“Spare me the crocodile tears about Chabad of Poway or Tree of Life if you’re now making excuses for Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

“To close, contrast two videos. The first is a video from Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day – of Jews aboard an El Al flight to Israel. The plane is flying above Germany, and the pilot is explaining that all of his grandparents died in the camps.”

“Anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism. It always was and it always will be. And those who provide cover for it are complicit in it.”


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