Belgian ban on Shechita takes effect TODAY


The new slaughtering law requires animals to receive an electric shock before slaughter, which would make the animal not Kosher.

Arutz7 reports, CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt called for the intervention of EU leaders. “The attack on religious freedom in the European capital must be of concern to European leadership. The capital of Europe in its legislation and its intolerance for minorities proves that radical Islam has defeated it. Even though we have been able to curb legislative attempts against Judaism in many European countries and legislative initiatives in the European Parliament and in the EU institutions, we are at war and we mobilize the international community every day for this war. This is another sad day for Europe’s darkening skies.”

Adding, “It is regrettable once again that out of the heart of Europe, a place which should serve as an example for all countries on the continent, comes a call for a war on religious freedom of minorities. The EU capital once again casts a dark stain over Europe’s darkening skies.”


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