‘Behind the counter’ with…Mattress Maven


GL: Let’s get right to it. What are you all about?

Mattress Maven: We sell many mattress brands and are an authorized dealer of  Serta, Simmons, King koil as well as exclusive private labels and others. We help customers select new mattresses at any price-point.

GL: What is something about your day to day responsibilities that people wouldn’t expect?

Mattress Maven: Juggling running a home and a business, is harder than many people think!

GL: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Mattress Maven: Definitely helping and educating the customer to buy the right thing. Many times customers have in mind one thing, but after we discuss the options, they end up with a better purchase.

GL: Which part of your job do you find the most satisfying?

Mattress Maven: Helping people sleep better. We have customers that have sleep apnea and other sleeping related issues and we spend time ensuring they receive the best mattress for their needs. Many times we receive calls from these customers saying how they haven’t slept this well in many years which allows them to function better!

GL: Do you ever deal with unreasonable customers/clients?

Mattress Maven: Sometimes we do, but we try to educate them as to why what they are asking for is not reasonable…

GL: Any advice for others on how to deal with the stress of the job?

Mattress Maven: Just think there is another day ahead! There is always a positive in every job, focus on that. In my case, it’s helping people sleep better which results in being a better parent or being well-rested for school or your job.

GL: Does your job present opportunities to do chessed?

Mattress Maven: Yes. We help many Schools/organizations with prizes for their Chinese auctions/Raffles etc. Additionally, we try to help individuals – for example: A few months ago there was a fire in a Passiac home which housed students. The fire destroyed everything, we immediately helped them at no cost at all.

The best chesed is when we sell whats best for them not where we make more money on the customer. There are times people call to order something and after talking with them they really didn’t need what they were ready to order and we offered a simple fix instead. 

GL: In conclusion, is there anything you want to add?

At Mattress Maven we strive hard to provide fantastic service, quality and pricing, with a focus on each customer without being pushy. Many times people don’t even know what they need or want and we need to direct them. Additionally, we rather sell a good quality item then make a sale on a very cheap item that wont hold up and have a not happy customer. We also offer many color options on our box-springs which eliminates the need for dust ruffles and looks more modern. We can also custom size many mattresses which you cant do in many stores. 

Mattress Maven is located at 106 Reagan Ct., Lakewood, NJ 08701. Their phone number to call/text/what app is 732-806-1750 or email  themattressmaven@gmail.com

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