Beware: Deaths Associated With The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play


Federal safety officials and the Fisher-Price company have issued a warning about the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play amid reports of infant deaths across the nation.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says 10 infants have died since 2015 after the babies rolled from their backs on to their stomachs or sides while unrestrained in the Rock ‘n Play. The infants were all 3 months old or older.

Officials say that parents who use the Rock ‘n Play should stop using it after their children reach 3 months or as soon as they exhibit “rollover capabilities.” The CPSC says it has previously warned consumers to use restraints in infant inclined-sleep products.

The CPSC also warns not to add blankets, pillows, stuffed toys or other items to babies’ sleeping environments, and to put them down on their backs.

According to a release by CPSC, Fisher-Price warns consumers to stop using the Rock ‘n Play when their infants are capable of rolling over.

In a statement issued on its website, Fisher-Price said “child safety is our priority” and assured consumers that its Rock ‘n Play sleeper “meets all applicable safety standards.” 

More information can be found on the CPSC website.


  1. For those who dont care about contracting and transmitting measles etc, won’t care about a fisher Price rock n play.


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