BD”E R’ Refoel Dovid Shonek, Rosh Chaburah in BMG, was niftar


It’s with great sadness we report the Petirah of R’ Refoel David Shanik, a Rosh Chaburah in BMG.

R’ Refoel Dovid was only 32 Years old. Friends tell GreaterLakewood, R’ Refoel David, who learned in Novominsk, was the top of the Shiur, had a great personality, incredible middos, had many friends and was even great at ball. No one knew there was any health issue with him until he joined the dorm and he needed a machine twice a day. The Bochurim in his shiur were shocked – their friend was the perfect Bochur!

Last year R’ Refoel got extremely ill and a name was added. He recovered significantly at the time and had a child a few months ago. His neshama was returned early this morning.

The Levaya will be held today at 5:00 pm at the yoshon.

Boruch Dayan H’aemes.


  1. Yes, I learned in Novominsk with him. Every word is true. Nobody would have known the יסורים he lives with in a constant basis. May he be a מליץ יושר to his family and all who knew him.


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