Australian Man Wins $33 Million After Accidentally Buying 2 Tickets


An Australian man has won more than $30 million in his country’s lottery – by accident.

The anonymous winner had been playing the same lottery numbers in The Lotto for over 30 years. This week he accidentally bought two of the same ticket for Tuesday’s drawing, thinking he was buying a ticket for another week’s game.

The numbers exactly matched those of the division one Jackpot, doubling his $23.3 million ($US16.5 million) prize to $46 million ($US 33 million).

According to The Lotto’s official statement, the Melbourne man had noticed he had won online but was only remembering one ticket. It wasn’t until a member of their team called and told him he had won on both.

“You’re kidding,” he told the official, “Am I seeing things?”


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