Anti-vaxxers petition to get Trump to allow parents the ‘freedom’ to decide


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P.S. We are a little biased

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Here are some recent stories related to vaccinations – covered by GL.

The following is from the petition

‘We are asking to make America great – AGAIN-. The Founding Fathers wanted America’s basic message to be ‘Freedom’. The beauty of America has always been ‘Freedom’ Our freedom is compromised when forced to give vaccines. We are not asking to ban vaccines, we are asking to be able to make that choice.


Vaccines have always been a controversial issue. The CDC claims the pros and cons are black and white. The pros in white. The cons in black. In reality, the pros are grey and for some who have been affected the cons are very clearly white. 
I do not claim to have answers or pretend to know. All I do know is that in 2014 Dr. William Thompson, a top scientist at the CDC allowed more doubt to fester about the safety of vaccines when he released over a thousand documents attesting to the fact that more research is imperative, that the CDC is responsible for corrupting studies to fit their hypothesis, that the MMR shot does have links to autism. We need answers and we are entitled to them! We need to be able to have the choice of giving vaccines to our children and we are entitled to that too! We need more science and until then we demand our basic human rights!

Check it out here

At 12:20 PM – the time of posting, there were 298 names who signed – roughly 70% Jewish.

GreaterLakewood can confirm there is a psak going around the Satmar community regarding vaccinations. It is intended to support anti-vaxxers and is in the process of gaining signatures.


  1. Finally a site willing to publish in an honest unbiased manner. So refreshing! (I’m not taking sides, just commenting on the openness).

  2. “Our freedom is compromised when forced to give vaccines..”
    And my children’s lives are in danger when you do not vaccinate. Who is more entitled to “freedom”? You’re beliefs or my children’s lives?

  3. Why don’t people force everyone to take antibiotics when their child has strep? Strep is contagious! There was a few hundred more deaths a year from strep in many years when there was none for the measles, and other illnesses we are being vaccinated for? I think the next law the pharmaceutical companies should lobby for is that every single girl in the school must be on antibiotics for 10 days when someone in the school has strep. Great idea to create a strep epidemic, especially since it is more rampant and deadly as almost ALL diseases being vaccinated for. Strep is deadly!!
    Please advocate for your kids health!
    Would you agree to medicate your children for strep, when you may put others at risk?
    Why is it different with vaccines?
    What cognitive dissonance does it take for people to realize that if the product works you don’t need to force others to take it?

    • Yes strep is very deadly, but the cure is pretty easily found also.
      Not so with Measles. There is no medication to take once you catch it. Therefore you cannot stop all the side effects from occurring.
      Vaccines aren’t perfect. But the diseases they protect us from are far more serious. So its a small risk vs a big risk. Most parents would choose the smaller risk.
      And you didn’t even mention the immune compromised people…

    • And the fact that people who vaccinate are still petrified that they may catch something from someone who doesn’t vaccinate shows that the product doesn’t work for everyone – not everyone that gets vaccinated becomes immune (My own son did not get immunity to measles even though he got the MMR).
      If it doesn’t work for everyone, doesn’t that show that not everyone’s immune system works the same way?
      Contrary to what the CDC says: that we don’t have to test to figure out which people are the unlucky ones that will have a negative result from a vaccine in order to protect these people. Why? Because “everyone’s immune system works the same way”. ?????


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