Anonymous no longer: Trump Junior publishes name of ‘anonymous whistleblower’ – Eric Ciaramella

Credit: Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s son published on Wednesday the name of the alleged anonymous whistleblower whose complaint fired the impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Amid calls by the president himself to expose the whistleblower, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the name of a CIA analyst which has circulated online for weeks, and linked to a Breitbart news article implying the person was pro-Democrat and anti-Trump.

In a weird twist, AFP news source refuses to publish the name saying “AFP could not independently verify the whistleblower’s identity and is not publishing the name.”

But the revelation by the president’s son comes as the White House seeks to discredit the mounting impeachment effort in Congress against Trump, painting it as driven by politics.

“There is no Whistleblower. There is someone with an agenda against Donald Trump,” the president tweeted on Monday.



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