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We, at GreaterLakewood, have a mission. We share news that is relevant to the community in order to provide timely and valuable information or to bring critical awareness of pending issues that may affect the community. We are sensitive to the fact that the media is a powerful tool to be used responsibly and with extreme care.

Inherent in our mission is to inspire, share greatness, and to use this site as a means to do good for our community. We take great pains to confirm that the news we report on a daily basis is highly accurate. We will never create “fake news” as a means to get “hits” to our site. We don’t and will never fabricate stories intended to scare people into doing or not doing something. Most importantly, we consult with Da’as Torah on any halachic/hashkafic question.

“Comment? opinion? shoot us an email and communicate. We are all in this together to help our community”

Over the past 48 hours, we shared some news that we felt was not only relevant and helpful, but critical to the community by making them aware of an issue that could have had far-reaching consequences. Many Moros reached out to us expressing their gratitude and appreciation for bringing their attention to this critical issue that affects them personally, as well as the community.

GreaterLakewood reports the news. We are aware that any one issue will, most likely, generate many different opinions. No group of people or askanim think the same or agree on every point. However, hearing and listening to each other’s opinion is critical to any dialogue. The thing to remember is to keep our eyes on our common goal, and that is to help, protect, and unite our community.

“ – trusted news for our community”

We at GreaterLakewood welcome your respectful comments and opinions. Reach out and share your views. You can contact us here


  1. Finally! A website to get REAL news not tainted by politics. And outside news as well, so don’t have to look at other sites. Keep strong!

  2. Finally someone who realizes that we can’t just say what we want and as frum jews our perspective and what we say has to be judged by Das Torah!

  3. I think the question who is your Da’as Torah. is ill conceived. It implies that there are different “flavors” of Torah and the question is whether one’s Da”as Torah is lchocolate or vanilla. Since most people are choosy as to which Rabbi they consult, it follows that they would reject the opinion of a Rabbi that does not coincide perfectly with that of their own Rabbi.

    The only sensible answer that this webmaster can give to this question is that his Da’as Torah is the one that permits use of the internet and promotes the open exchange of ideas regarding the issues that face Orthodox Jews living in Lakewood today. If one find this concept too liberal for one’s taste, then I suggest that they either search for a more compatible blogspot or perhaps create one more to their liking.


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