Amazing story from Imam Mohamad Tawhidi


Since the Chabad Synagogue Shooting, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should share this story with you. I decided that I am going to, only because the public should know how many likeminded Muslims feel about Jewish people.

Around 2 weeks ago, a few of my good friends decided that I needed to ‘go offline’ for a while, and insisted that I came out “to have some fun”. One of them had the idea of taking me to a laser tag game. The last time I was in a laser tag team it was 2005.

We reached the facility and purchased our tickets. We were told that there is a family already in the ‘battlefield’, and we would be ‘fighting’ them. We put our laser tag vests and held our guns. It was time to enter the massive massive battlefield.

Our vests and guns were activated, and we ran inside the laser ‘battlefield’ to shoot our opponents, some of them were children (with their parents). It was us Vs them. It was a game. One of the parents ran across the ‘battlefield’, and I noticed his Tzitzit.

So I stopped shooting. I went back to ‘our base’ and told my team that the family we were playing against are Jews. It took them a few seconds to get what I’m saying. The first round was over, and I was the first to exit the arena. More people had come to join the game.

I told the employee to change my teams. The new players were distributed to each team, and I switched to the team of the Jewish family. We went back inside, and the game was on. I must say, the Jews were also confused why I’m on their side in round 2. But we played well.

The results came in, and I was second (Hector #8). Basically, our team won. We left the arena after a good game. And went to eat lunch.

My friends asked why I changed teams? As though they didn’t know why. For many years we have been lied to: “the Jews are the enemy, kill them.”

And I do not want to be in a position where I have to “kill Jews”, or shoot their children; even in a laser tag game.

It’s become a personal issue in all aspects of our lives (mine, and likeminded Muslims). Yes it’s a game, but we can make it more enjoyable if I change teams and join my Jewish brothers. After the game, we shook hands and hugged. My friends lost, so we called them ‘Hamas’ 🙂

Thank you.


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