AMAZING STORY: Amshinover Rebbe teaches us how to be honest

Photo: Yossi weiner

For 37 years Amshinov had a school in Bayit V’gan. The building was owned by R’ Sender Herman who ‘loaned’ the building to the Amshinover Rebbe for $1 a year.

The loan had no end date.

Recently Amshinov chassidim started moving out of Yersuahalayim to more affordable areas. This left the school with fewer children from Yerushalayim and buses were needed to bring in kids from other areas.

A few years ago, Amshinov opened in Beiter Illit and the Yerushalayim school stopped accepting children. Yesterday the last grade graduated and the school shut down – essentially moving to Beitar Illit.

Now the question was what to do with the building. At only $1 a year heads of Amshinov institutions thought of many various things they can utilize the building for. However, the Rebbe said the building was only loaned for a school, not for anything else – and he insisted on returning it to R’ Sender Herman’s heirs.

When the gabboim met with the heirs, they refused to take the building back saying they wanted to continue their fathers legacy and the Rebbe should do with the building ‘as he sees fit.’

The Rebbe stressed again, their father lent the building for a school not anything else. His legacy was only for the purpose of a school.

After a brief back and forth, the Rebbe ‘won’ and put the keys in the Herman’s hands.

In appreciation, the last day of learning took place yesterday in the zchus of R. Sender Herman.


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