Amazing Facts About The Chabad Shooting and It’s Heroes

  • Lori Kaye who was killed – died while shielding the Rabbi. She had stepped between Rabbi Goldstein and the gunman. She was in Shul to say Yizkor.
  • Kaye’s husband, who is a doctor, rushed over to help the wounded, unaware that it was his wife to whom he was administering CPR. According to a family friend, the doctor fainted when he realized the victim was his spouse.
  • Rabbi Goldstein was shot in the hands – likely losing an index finger – before he would allow himself to be rushed to the hospital, Rabbi Goldstein turned to his congregation and spoke. He referenced v’hi she’amda from the Haggadah, “Not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us, but in every generation, they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand.” He went on to speak about remaining strong in the face of adversity and hate. He then went to the hospital.
  • Almog Peretz who was injured, saw the shooter aim at kids in a playroom next door. He then opened large doors and screamed for them all to get out. He then picked up all the remaining kids and ran out. He was shot in the leg, and kept running until he reached a safe house nearby.
  • Noya, the girl who was injured, moved from Sderot to live in a safer place. A few years ago her family moved from Mira Mesa (a nearby town) after swastikas were painted on their home.
  • The shooters gun jammed early on – saving countless of people.
  • After the shooters gun jammed, a mispallel and the security guard rushed him, causing him to flee.
  • The shul’s security guard was an off-duty Border Patrol agent, who shot at the shooter as he ran to his car. The guard hit the car but missed him.
  • The mayor said “I heard a story about a man that whisked children out to safety. Others covered their fellow congregants with their own bodies. That’s the community of Poway that I want the world to know about,” he said.


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