All sharing the same ‘trick’: Parties claim they are ‘losing’ to get everyone to get out and vote


Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud launched a “gevalt” campaign to get the turnout high. On elction day he went far saying how Likud is down – when he claimed to know voter turnout of specific parties. 

“I received a dramatic update that there is low turnout in Likud strongholds but that there is high turnout in left-wing strongholds…We have to save the Right. There are only a few more hours” said Netanyahu.

Likud parties last few tweets were all about low turnout…

As reported, he went to Netanya beach telling people to get out and vote!

Blue and White called an emergency meeting at 6 p.m. where chairman Benny Gantz is expected to hold a speech. They are saying as well, turnout is down and everyone needs to vote or they will lose.

they just sent out a message “Every vote that doesn’t go to Blue and White goes to Bibi! Every voter who stays home votes for Bibi! If you haven’t voted yet and you want to get rid of Bibi, Now is the time to join your friends and neighbors and vote Blue and White!”

‘f you haven’t voted yet, your time is running out! The percentage of voting in our strongholds are low! Now is the the time to make the change!’

Arab parties, reporting a record low turnout – are pushing as well to get out and vote:


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