You were warned: Cleaning lady caught stealing, had an original shtick


Lulu, a cleaning lady who worked in Lakewood for years and was known for her solid reputation, was busted for stealing from people who hired her.

Speaking to GreaterLakewood, one of her victims said she had a great shtick but was caught. She would have garbage bags that were intended to look as if she was taking out the garbage, but were filled with home goods and valuables. She would take them and put them in her car!

B”H this woman notified another person who used her as well and she had the same thing happen to her that day! Police were called, they opened the bags and saw table cloths, challa covers, valuables and other household items.

The lady ‘Lulu’ had multiple aliases and had no license. For some reason the Lakewood police let her go but will follow up…. the family is looking in that.

The victim told GreaterLakewood that police told her “Always know who comes into your house. Know their real name, address, license etc.” It is basic safety and critical if you hope on having any security in your home.

No one thinks this can happen to them, until it does. Please find out and verify personal info from your cleaning lady, if she won’t provide it, or it can’t be verified, say goodbye to her and hello to your belongings.


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