After denying & mocking the hate crime, RUOC condemns the tire slashing incident


After mocking, denying and shrugging it off, Rise Up Ocean County was forced to condemn the bias attack against Jewish-owned vehicles.

Just yesterday – more than 24 hours after the incident, RUOC found the hate crime funny.

“How one defines a “Jewish owned car” is subject to interpretation, we can only assume that it was a mix of Toyota Camry’s and mini-vans or that each vehicle was wearing a yarmulke” wrote one of 8 admins on the RUOC facebook page.

Some Rise Up fans had some rather interesting responses:

(In case you were wondering, Police confirmed to GL, “All of the vehicles were owned or operated by members of Jewish faith and this matter is being investigated as a Bias Incident.”)

An hour ago, after more than 36 hours and national coverage, RUOC condemned the attacks saying “RUOC roundly condemns the action of the perpetrator and we do hope that they are caught quickly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

In response to GL’s extensive coverage of the incredible unity that resulted from this cowardly act, rise up wrote:

“Bravo. A community that supports its’ neighbors is exactly as it should be.”

Almost two weeks ago investigative reporter Sarah Wallace of ABC7 interviewed a number of people. Two of those were Richard Ciullo – the founder of Rise Up Ocean County – as well as the Founder of a popular Rockland county FB page that is against ‘development in rural areas.’

Interestingly, the cameraman and producer was a frum man.

Part of the conversation focused on comparing Lakewood to Rockland county where Sarah Wallace has reported on extensively in the past.

Richard Ciullo mentioned he is one of the ‘operators’ on RUOC however it appears he indeed may be the founder.

GL has a 45-page ‘memo’ which indicates Richard Is likely the founder…

The ABC video will likely be released in a few weeks.



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