ADL Report: NJ had 3rd most Anti-Semitic incidents in 2018, 20% higher than national avg


A new report released today by ADL (the “Anti-Defamation League”) reveals that 200 anti-Semitic incidents were documented across the state of New Jersey in 2018, the 3rd highest number of reported incidents anywhere in the nation.  While anti-Jewish activity in New Jersey declined 4% from the prior year, it remains 20% higher than the historic statewide average of 167 incidents per year, recorded since 1979.

This is the second straight year of above-average anti-Semitic activity in the state, and follows four consecutive years of double-digit increases in the state from 2014-2017. New Jersey trailed only California (341) and New York (340) in total number of incidents in 2018.

It’s important to note most incidents go unreported. GreaterLakewood was informed – in our three months – of multiple incidents of Anti Semitism ranging from Cursing Jews and Hitlers salutes, to chasing kids.

Toms River Police told GreaterLakewood it’s important to report all these ‘minor’ incidents this way they can monitor the situation. Without knowing of these, almost weekly occurrences, it’s hard to combat it.



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