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Our mission is real simple:

Providing the Torah world with relevant Kosher news. VeltNews brings you the latest breaking and top stories from across the globe.

We are a little biased

  • We are unapologetically Pro-Israel – the word ‘settler’ will not be found on our site
  • Our team takes a tough stance on Anti-semitism, tougher than any other “ism” – because we happen to be Jewish 🙂
  • Beliefs that are against our Jewish values e.g. abortions, will be frowned upon & we will not be P.C. (politically correct) about it

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BURNING BERNIE: Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of 2020 race, Paving clear...

Bernie Sanders suspended his Democratic presidential campaign on Wednesday, effectively ensuring former Vice President Joe Biden will be the party's nominee even as the liberal Vermont...
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