ABBAS: “Millions of fighters” will swarm Yerushalayim


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened this week that “million of fighters” would swarm Jerusalem and topple the Jewish state’s capital city, warning that “no matter how many houses and how many settlements they declare that they here and there—they shall all be destroyed.”

Abbas, in an Arabic language speech at Jalazone Refugee Camp near Ramallah that was heavy with threats of destruction, doubled down on the Palestinian government’s policy of using public money to pay convicted terrorists and their families, telling his audience, “We will not accept their designation of our martyrs as terrorists. Our martyrs are the martyrs of the homeland.”

Abbas went on to rally those in attendance to swarm the city of Jerusalem and destroy all Jewish people living there. His remarks are the clearest sign to date that the leader has no interest in playing a role in a revamped peace process spearheaded by President Donald Trump’s White House.

“To Jerusalem, we march, martyrs by the millions!” he was quoted as saying, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, a media watchdog site.

“We shall enter Jerusalem—millions of fighters! We shall enter it! All of us, the entire Palestinian people, the entire Arab nation, the Islamic nation, and the Christian nation,” Abbas said. “They shall all enter Jerusalem.”

Abbas added, “We will not accept their designation of our martyrs as terrorists. Our martyrs are the martyrs of the homeland. We will not allow them to deduct a single penny from their money. All the money will go back to them, because the martyrs, the wounded, and the prisoners are the most sacred things we have.”


  1. You are the very old nation of Moslems, who live there from 6th century, and your Christian brothers, who live there for 2000 years, before entering a Jerushalayim, shall ask the permission from the Jews, who lived there before 4500 years.

  2. Well he already deystroyed all the moslems living in gaza. Hes thinks he could do the same thing o to the jews the only thing is he has no control over israel so let him continue crushing his people just let him know that it aint happening to the the jews.


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