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REMINDER: Shabbos Burglaries, you CAN call police – Harav Shlomo Miller Paskens

GL has learned a question was posed to one of the Poskei Hador, Harav Shlomo Miller regarding calling Police on Shabbos.

ARE YOU FOR REAL: Lakewood Police Officer Heard about Burglaries On Shabbos, but didn’t...

GreaterLakewood has confirmed with residents of Prospect Vines, the neighborhood which had 14 homes burglarized this past Shabbos, a Lakewood Police Officer...

‘Gang of 3’ strikes AGAIN: Burglaries reported Friday night – A-G-A-I-N

For the 8,9,10 - where are we holding'th time, multiple Lakewood homes were broken into Friday night. This week's...

6 WEEKS IN A ROW: Burglaries reported late Friday night in Lakewood

For the 6th week in a row, multiple burglaries took place late Friday night. This weeks 'target' was the villa's neighborhood.

EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. Multiple burglaries Friday night…AGAIN

A number of homes in the Glenn avenue area in Lakewood were broken into Friday night. Hooded thieves saw open windows, they...

Lakewood Police investigating multiple burglaries in the 14th street area

The Lakewood Police Department is investigating a string of burglaries that occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday August 17, 2019.

Two hooded burglars strike Prospect Vines, neighbor scares them away

GL has learned that two hooded thieves were in the Prospect vines neighborhood early Shabbos morning. At 3:30...

INSANITY – EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT: 14 homes broken into in Prospect Vines, OC Sheriff...

Update: 4 Sheriff's vehicles are in the Vines assessing the situation. The OC Sheriff is on scene as well.

EXPOSING THE GOOD: What did LCSW’s ‘shabbos crew’ do this Sukkos?

No Neighborhood Left Behind. “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for your kindness” (Lucius...

7 WEEKS IN A ROW: MULTIPLE break-ins Friday night, Broke windows, locks

For the 7th week in a row, multiple burglaries took place late Friday night. This weeks ‘target’ was Newberry area off Pine...
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