NJ budget passed, heads to Murphy to sign, Singer votes for bill – under the table deal?


The Democratic-controlled Legislature passed a $38.7 billion state budget for 2020. The budget goes against parts Gov. Phil Murphy’s agenda, specifically the millionaire tax, who is expected to veto line items before signing into law.

The state Assembly voted 53-24 Thursday without any GOP support.

The State Senate voted 31-6 With several Republicans voting with the Democrats. Most notable was Senator Singer – who represents Lakewood – who voted yes. GreaterLakewood reached out for comment but did not hear back yet. Fairly reliable sources tell GL there seems to be a deal ‘under the table’ and Lakewood’s $30 Million is safe… which is why Senator Singer voted for the budget.

Many things can, and likely will change before the final budget is signed.

The proposed budget slashes $30 million dollars that were headed to Lakewood in the Governors initial plan. The LSTA will be hit hard as well as many local schools and institutions should this version be signed into law.

As reported previously on GL, The Lakewood School District filed an emergency motion to stop the $30 Million cuts but the motion didn’t get anywhere and today’s vote took place.

It now heads To Governor Murphy’s desk.


  1. Why don’t you mention that our senator Bob singer voted for this! I hope the Dems gave him some big rewards for voting with them and weakening Lakewood arguments. Bc even our own senator voted with them even though it would have passed without him!

  2. This better stay as written. Lakewood gets far too much in tax dollars in every direction. Its time to stop the “under the table dealings for Lakewood.”


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