2020 Dems: Skip AIPAC, Attend Anti-Semite Al Sharpton’s convention


Under Trump, black unemployment is at its lowest level in history. Trump pushed for, and signed into law, sweeping prison reforms backed by leaders of the African-American community. He pardoned the late boxer Jack Johnson, whom Barack Obama neglected. He also elevated a new generation of black conservatives in public life.

But rather than simply making the case against Trump, Democrats have been making the case against themselves by fawning over a notorious racist and antisemite like Sharpton.

All of the Democratic presidential candidates who appeared at Sharpton’s National Action Network conference this week endorsed the idea, at least in principle, of reparations.

Only 26% of Americans support reparations. And it is unclear how reparations could be managed nearly 160 years after the Civil War, especially given immigration, intermarriage, and the passage of time.

By endorsing Sharpton and his push for reparations, Democrats are giving Trump the edge on one of their few winning issues.



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