19 Year old Breslov Bochur Drowns In The Kinneret


Police said Thursday that they had recovered the body of a 19-year-old Breslov Chassid from Yerushalayim who went missing after he went swimming in the Kinneret.

The young man, named as Ariel Koslavski, is thought to have entered the water at an unsupervised beach with two other friends.

His Levaya was held today at Har Hamanuchos.

Last year Pesach, 3 Bochurim were swept away in the Kinneret and r”l drowned.


  1. What’s the difference if he was litvish, chassidish, or breslov? To title a news clip about a tragedy and call attention to his specific sect, only further distances it from us, and causes it not to hit home. It seems like your saying it happened to them, not us. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew, especially in tragic circumstances. When tragedy hits, we need to put aside our differences, and join at our similarities. I’m not saying that there is certain actions and hashkafos that makes someone “not one of ours”, but here in this situation it is simply not the case. We should all realize that this is a message to everyone.


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