18 weeks strong: ‘Yellow vest’ rioting in Paris persists

[Philippe Wojazer/Reuters]

French “yellow vest” protesters have clashed with police in Paris, in the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron and his government’s policies.

Large plumes of smoke on Saturday rose above the rioting on the landmark Champs-Elysees avenue in the French capital, as the demonstrators set fires and smashed up luxury stores.

Police tried to contain the protesters with tear gas and water cannons. More than 100 arrests were made.

One dangerous blaze targeted a bank on the ground floor of a seven-storey residential building. As firetrucks rushed over, a mother and her child were rescued as the fire threatened to engulf their floor, Paris’s fire service told The Associated Press news agency. \

Eleven people in the building, including two firefighters, sustained light injuries, as other residents were evacuated to safety.

Simultaneous fires were also put out from two burning newspaper kiosks as groups of mostly black-clad demonstrators pelted the security forces with stones and erected barricades. Several protesters smiled as they posed for a photo in front of one the charred remains of the kiosks.


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