Ohio Teen Faces 140 Charges For 911 ‘Swatting’ Calls


A 17-year-old from Ohio is facing 140 counts of delinquency including misdemeanors and felonies for a series of 911 “swatting” calls, prank calls designed to elicit a SWAT team response, ABC News reportedWednesday.

The teenager allegedly placed fake 911 calls that prompted SWAT mobilization in six jurisdictions across the country, including Ohio, Wisconsin and New York.

In one case, a SWAT team reportedly shut down a major highway for hours in response to a fraudulent call.

Wes Skeels, the juvenile court administrator in Mahoning County, told ABC that 73 of the charges, including 40 felonies, stem from incidents that occurred in Ohio and date back to May 2017.

Skeels added that the suspect, who is unnamed due to his juvenile status, appeared in juvenile court on Monday and was ordered to undergo psychological and competency examinations.


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