17 Mitzvos in Parshas Shemini


There are a total of seventeen Mitzvos in Parshas Shemini; Sixpositive commands and Eleven negative commands. The following are the commands in the chronological order that they are brought in the Parsha.

A. Positive:

1. Mitzvah 153/Positive 68: To know and check the Kashrus signs of an animal.[2]

2. Mitzvah 155/Positive 69: To know and check the Kashrus signs of fish.[3]

3. Mitzvah 158/Positive 70: To know and check the Kashrus signs of locust.

4. Mitzvah 159/Positive 71: That the eight Sheratzim listed in the Torah impurify a person.

5. Mitzvah 160/Positive 72: To guard the laws of impurity of food and drink, as required by Torah law. Such as that all produce that is detached from the ground, becomes susceptible to impurity upon it becoming wet.

6. Mitzvah 161/Positive 73: That the Niveila impurifies a person and one act in accordance to its laws.

B. Negative:

1. Mitzvah 149/Negative 82: The prohibition for the Kohanim to enter the Mikdash with long hair.

2. Mitzvah 150/Negative 83: The prohibition for the Kohanim to enter the Mikdash with torn clothing.

3. Mitzvah 151/Negative 84: The prohibition for the Kohanim to leave the Mikdash during their Avoda.

4. Mitzvah 152/Negative 85: Not to enter the Mikdash, or give Torah rulings, while under the influence of wine or alcohol.

5. Mitzvah 154/Negative 86: Not to eat impure/non-Kosher animals.

6. Mitzvah 156/Negative 87: Not to eat impure/non-Kosher fish.

7. Mitzvah 157/Negative 88: Not to eat impure/non-Kosher fowl.

8. Mitzvah 162/Negative 89: Not to eat insects that crawl on the ground.

9. Mitzvah 163/Negative 90: Not to eat insects that grow in fruits and legumes while attached to the ground.

10. Mitzvah 164/Negative 91: Not to eat water insects.[4]

11. Mitzvah 165/Negative 92: Not to eat insects of spontaneous generation, created from rotting produce.

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