10 insane facts about life in Venezuela, charts explaining the crisis

  • Inflation in Venezuela stood at an insane 1,698,488% in 2018, according to the National Assembly.
  • the official minimum wage in Venezuela is $6 a month – and this is the income of a large part of the population.
  • Over 10% fled the country since 2015
  • The government uses excessive fore particularly during protests – as seen earlier today – See HERE
  • Unemployment sits at about 30%
  • They suffer from power outages. A month ago 70% of the country was out of power, 2 days ago many people again.. They blamed it on the US.
  • The country has no medicine and food – many Kids died from contaminated water – this year alone.
  • President Maduro denies all this – as his people starve to death. He said last month “we are not beggars” – as he rejected US aid.
  • Food is so expensive that Most people (64.3%) said they had lost weight in 2017 – 22 pounds on average.
  • Nine out of 10 people couldn’t afford their daily food


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